The SHOCKING Truth finally! – Karl Pierson Shooter Hi-jacked Identity FAKE

Analysis in towards the Arapahoe “school shooting” have brought to a lot more shocking results. Evidence is presented here, to your special personel examination. The “Arapaoe Shooter”, is confirmed a photoshopped… Tweet


Sandy Hook Hoax CW Wade AR -15 Testing – Room 10 Window

Many unskilled /no training photographers have thought the holes in the window frame of Room ten are exit holes. This is actually a final within my 3 part series analyzing the results of metal when… Tweet


sandy hook conspiracy

sandy hook shooting sandy hook conspiracy facts sandy hook conspiracy snopes sandy hook conspiracy stars sandy hook conspiracy youtube sandy hook conspiracy sandy hook conspiracy alex johnson… Tweet


The Web Deceptiveness Is Equally As Bad

The Web Deceptiveness is equally as Bad as TV by Reviewmanify generally often known as Teamwakeemup. Tweet


XRayUltra/BrendanHunt – One Inch Many Archon Agents Within The “Truth-Movement”

I produced this video since the next make an effort to perform out and place a bridge to people like TeamWakeup, RedPillphilosophy, freeradiorevolution coupled with other investigator that investigate these hoax… Tweet


Elliot Rodger & The Santa Barbara Massacre HOAX Uncovered!

Elliot Rodger & The Santa Barbara Massacre HOAX Uncovered! Join my facebook page – Catch the Kev Baker present every single weeknight from 11pm-night time while in the United kingdom, 7pm-8… Tweet


“Police Using New Tools To Recognize Individuals Close To The Breaking Point”

June 28, 2014 NBC News Once ONLY DONATION https:// $1.00 A Dollar Monthly SUBSCRIPTION… Tweet


Vegas Shooting The Way It Really Was Done

This Sunday could be the 2nd Father’s Day which i may expend without my daughter, Lauren. Lauren will often be a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School and she or he was shot and wiped out inside the massacre there. Then when Richard Martinez was up and stated, “Not yet another,Inches days after his 20-year-old [...]


Gang Stalking – MK-Ultra, Mind Control Programing, What It Is Done!

Derren Brown – The Heist “The Heist” is actually a 2006 British Derren Brown television special that broadcast on Funnel four. Within the special, Brown proposes to create full use from the cover… This Sunday might possibly be the next Father’s Day which let me expend without my daughter, Lauren. Lauren could be described as [...]


Obama Calls Out Game Titles [Reaction to Sandy Hook Shootings]

Initially released on The 30 days of january 29th, 2013. Once more, we’ve the liberal press forcing their propaganda while using Sandy Hook shootings to finance for research throughout the link between “violent media” and “hrInch and our ideas… Tweet


Moncton Shooting ~ The inVisible patsy /ct i

I do not advocate violence as the worldwide revolution can be a bloody one. pitting brother against brother, sister against sister, guy merging in for the machine. i really believe when we’re allowed to… Tweet


Vegas Cici’s Pizza Walmart Illuminati Hoax Based on Conspiracy Ideas?

Vegas Cici’s Pizza Walmart Illuminati Hoax Based on Conspiracy Ideas? Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax FULLY Uncovered! Complete Compilation Of All Of The Evidence! Situation CLOSED https:// Tweet

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