Sandy Hook Principal “Beginning Hochsprung” is more youthful Mary Maloney

So, after finding that Annie Haddad was Nancy Lanza, and recognizing these had been simply using older pictures of Haddad to produce the Lanza persona, and i always figured… Tweet


Haddad Continues To Be NOT Lanza – the POINTLESS “points”!

Someone must produce a vaccine, or perhaps a pressure area, or at the minimum some type of PENALTY for people that allow and/or FEED this current Youtube PANDEMIC of “This individual is the belief that person”… Tweet


Sandy Hook Explosive device

Ebola HOAX – ABC NEWS Richard Besser is ex – Director of CDC – BUSTED! ISIS Beheadings PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING in Turkish… Tweet


Celebs Respond to Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

Shocked from your tragic shooting, celebs share their responses on Twitter. Kesha’s song get’s yanked inside the airwaves following the tragedy. Take a evaluate what Kesha’s ideas onto it each one particular is. Tweet


Connecticut Shooting: Speaking Concerning the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy with Children — ABC New

Dr. Jennifer Ashton regarding easy methods to discuss the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School together using your kids. Tweet


Sandy Hook Shooting Attributed To Atheism

The Sandy Hook shooting remains a resource of debate even today, with political figures though employing Newtown school shooting as justification for gun control laws and regulations together with other modifications. Duck… Tweet


9/21: Firefighters struggle as California wildfires grow Composer honors Sandy Hook Sufferers with…

Grey skies were a allowed change for that greater than 5,000 firefighters in California wishing for just about any break. They’ve been fighting an tremendous wildfire east of Sacramento for in excess of each week and, Because the 2012 shooting at Sand Hook Elementary School… Tweet


Drakes Weekend Highlights Sept 13 Video 1 0f 2

Wednesday update show with Drake along with your host Thomas Williams Get economic collapse news during your day visit More news visit Report date: 9.11.2014 Gre… Tweet


Sandy Hook Shooting Donations Divided Town (Reviewmanify)

https:// Sandy Hook Shooting Donations Divided Town (Reviewmanify) Newtown Official: Sandy Hook Shooting Donations Divided Town Tweet



1984 is below now,… now… Tweet


Richard Gage on Sandy Hook, Murrah building, Aurora, & other False Flags

Sandy Hook Hoax Destroyed – Hoaxer claims destroyed Part I. Mike Fl can be doing a fantastic job assembling an comprehensive debunking lots though using claims concerning the Sandy Hook Massacre. This post is must have for individuals with questions, for rational myths, or maybe going foot to foot with hoaxer liars. I necessary to [...]

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